Prayer: Lord, Have Mercy!

Lord, we do not presume to be faultless or better than the Israelites. We in truth are just like the Israelites who fall short of Your glory time and time again, paying the attention we ought to give You to other things… worry, our worldly possessions and achievements, the desires of our flesh, our race and skin tones, man-made structures, industries, belief systems, doctrines, religion, earthly leaders and kingdoms amongst other things… and lifting these other things up in place of You.

Thank You for Your mercy towards us Dear Lord, that doesn’t condemn us or subject us to facing the measure of our sin. Thank You for Your mercy that takes the place of Your justice. Thank You for Your grace that covers over us abundantly. Thank You for Your mercy that is for everyone — Your mercy that takes our hardened hearts and replaces them with Your heart so our hearts can beat in sync with Yours to be obedient to Your will.

We repent of our sin o Lord, and lift You up to take Your rightful place as King and Lord on the throne of our hearts; so that You might draw all men to You and return our our eyes, hearts and focus to being stayed on You. Keep us in remembrance of how You rescued us through Your Son and do not let it get to our heads. Do not let pride overtake us lest we forget and revert to our former ways.

Humble our hearts dear Lord and have mercy on us!

Through Christ.



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