Building: Bob or Called

Righteousness, Peace and Joy in Holy Spirit is the Kingdom of God we aspire to, which also describes the healed creation God desires for us to become. It’s that His rescue plan is perfect and that He uses us, His vessels of honour — by the enablement of Holy Spirit — through the good works He prepared ahead of us before He formed us in our mother’s wombs; to bring this perfect rescue plan to pass. Just like He used Noah, just like He did Himself as Emmanuel, Christ.

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The enemy tries his best to prevent us from coming into alignment with these preordained good works through distractions, one of which includes trying to zero us into thinking that building for the world and ourselves is what’s important, at the expense of building for God’s Kingdom.

The more we’re focused on ourselves, our goals, societal pressures, climbing up sectoral ladders of industries that serve our own desires, the less we’re working under Holy Spirit’s anointing over us which enables us to think on and intercede for people in situations that need healing — and just like Jesus, proclaim His Good News to the poor, healing to the broken hearted, liberty to those still held captive, recovery of the sight to the blind, freedom to the oppressed and God’s year of favour; the less we’re focused on God’s desires for a healed creation and the establishment of His Kingdom of Righteousness, Peace and Joy in Holy Spirit on earth.

Lord, help us get back into focusing on Your desires such that if it’s not for Your Kingdom, we won’t build. Help us divorce the need to keep busy, building for the world. Help us conform to You and trust that as we seek You, Your Righteousness, Peace and Joy in Holy Spirit’s — Your Kingdom — first, You’ll sustain us just like You do the birds of the air and add all that You know we need to us.

Through Christ.

Scripture for Further Reading
Romans 14:17-18; 8:28-30
Luke 4:17-21
Ephesians 1:9-10; 2:8-10
Matthew 6:25-34


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