Truth… Seeing or Seen Only Through the Lens That’s Jesus.

So I woke up a couple days ago and after spending time with Abba, I looked out my window to a beautiful view per usual. But something on the rooftop of one of the buildings opposite my room immediately caught my eye, stealing my attention away from the view. There was a puddle/shadow of what was left of the sun melting some snow and rain from days prior. I took a few pictures and went about my day.

Yesterday morning, I decided to share the picture I’d taken — as directed by Holy Spirit — to ask if people could see what I saw without giving away any hints.

Some people racked their brains trying to figure it out. Some guessed, but guessed wrongly… or so I’d initially thought. Some actually guessed right on the first try… or so I’d also thought. Below are some of their guesses.

While some maintain they saw nothing and others who saw nothing before eventually saw something, a few people saw a bird or chicken standing on a shoe or rock (left) and a dog coming up for a treat (right). Some saw two dogs or puppies — the left one bigger than the right one that was looking for attention. My Mom saw a cross while her friend saw a woman with a gele on her head (left), and a cat (right). My cousin pointed out E.T’s face on the left where the chicken is. I couldn’t unsee it once he did 😂. Someone saw the head of a roaring lion and wings. Another saw a chest X-ray and an interesting person said they saw 2 burial spots😩… that one sef dey.

I soon realised a couple lessons from this activity beyond the obvious — being that people like “eke” 😂. To the guessers’ and passers by wanting to know what the answer is, even though what I initially saw that made me take the picture looked like two people with their backs to themselves and body languages that suggested they were upset with each other or not on speaking terms; if I’m being honest, the fact is that it’s abstract. Because we have different perspectives and see through different lenses.

I say it’s factual and not truth because a @LadyMisiAyinde shared a vn — see next slide — talking about the difference between Truth and fact in response to something I shared with her — which will be the closing paragraph of this caption.

But before I get there, I’d like to plug in @VinaBlackBarbie’s response to people seeing things differently because it juxtaposes the crucial times we’re at in our country… giving we’re a few days away from the long awaited #NigerianGeneralElection … let’s vote with wisdom biko.

“This can be said about the current state of the country we call home. This lack of naira some will see as the government making the people suffer for the sake of election. But some will see it as a way to combat the way Money is used to buy votes.” — Malvina Longpet.

In conclusion, Holy Spirit asked me to share the picture… because the perspectives I got — as well as those that are yet to be shared — highlight glaring parallels in our beliefs and how we faith… that we see in spirit before we see in physical… that we see in part… that we’ll eventually see as a whole. And those who don’t see yet or who currently see differently (lies) will eventually see the Absolute Truth. It’s a matter of God’s perfect timing that is never later or earlier than He wills; of us giving grace to others just as we ourselves have received grace; and of us interceding in behalf of others just as we ourselves were interceded for — patiently so, like our God Who isn’t slow to keep His promises, but is patient with us… waiting for us, not wanting anyone to perish, but wanting everyone to come to repentance —; because He makes all things beautiful in His time. All in all, however our lives may’ve looked before we found You and whatever the facts were, I’m thankful Lord… because You see us through the lens that’s Jesus Christ. And that’s Truth.


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