Prayer: Building Walls & Setting Up Gates Like Nehemiah.

The task of rebuilding the walls is much deeper than just laying brick on brick and is necessary to keep the enemy out because walls left destroyed and ear, eye, heart and all other gates left unguarded leave room or footholds for the enemy to come and stay in — essentially for him to establish his kingdom on earth as it is in hell.

Thank You Lord for the understanding You give us about Nehemiah and all the parties involved that:

You’ve called us to be like Nehemiah, to have a genuine concern for the establishment of Your Kingdom on earth and to keep our walls up — be on guard always as You remain our shield and rampart — from the enemy and his cohorts;

That the king is like You and when we come to You with the burdens and concerns You place in our hearts, seeking for direction, You clothe us in Your full armor and equip us by Your Spirit with all we need to tarry in spiritual warfare till You bring Your Will to pass on earth as it’s in Heaven;

That Sanballat & Co. represent the enemy who is always looking to accuse, kill, steal and destroy. That just like Nehemiah, we needn’t be distracted by his plots and schemes, that You’ve equipped us with discernment to know they’re just that — plots and schemes — and that we ought to keep our focus on You and eyes on the good works — You long prepared for us to do before You formed us in our mother’s wombs — of spiritual warfare to partake in for the establishment of Your Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven;

That the people who partake in the rebuilding of the wall and guarding the Israelites against the enemy represent those who You’ve called to be our destiny helpers and partners in the good works of establishing Your Kingdom. You’ve also called us to be destiny helpers to the plethora of Nehemiahs all over the earth.

Enable us by Your Spirit Lord, as You enabled Nehemiah — a foreshadow of Christ — in Christ’s name.


Scripture for Further Reading
Nehemiah 1 through Nehemiah 13


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