Prayer: Heart’s Cry

Woke up repentant and with this prayer on my heart.

Help us realise our deep need for You Lord Help us come to understand You’re all that
Teach us to inquire of and know Your will
Teach us to us want what You want
Teach us to see like You see
Teach us to speak what You say
Teach us to do what we see You do
Quieten our souls
Quicken our innerman to catch up to You
Keep us instep with You
Keep our heart of flesh – that’s really Yours given to us – beating in sync with Your heart Give us Your perspective that You deem fit for us to have and steward rightly over
Give us the mind of Christ

For Your glory to be seen, acknowledged and proclaimed in Nigeria, Africa and in all the earth;

and for the sake of Your Son Jesus Christ.



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